Final 2023 Crop Report Shows Jump in Corn Production

Dan Corn, Soybeans, USDA-NASS

corn production

USDA released its final 2023 Crop Production Report showing a rise in corn production and a drop in soybean production. 2023 corn production hit a record 15.3 billion bushels, 12 percent above 2022. The average yield was a record-high 177.3 bushels per acre, 3.9 bushels above 2022.

Soybean production in 2023 reached 4.16 billion bushels, two percent lower than in 2022. The average yield was 50.6 bushels per acre, one bushel above 2022, but the production drop was due to four percent fewer harvested acres than the previous year.

Meanwhile, the December WASDE Report calls for greater corn production, larger domestic use, and higher ending stocks. The season-average price is down five cents at $4.80 per bushel. In soybeans, supplies rose 31 million bushels over November’s prediction. Projected soybean ending stocks totaled 280 million bushels, up 35 million. The season-average soybean price is $12.75 a bushel, 15 cents below November.

(From the National Association of Farm Broadcasters)