Improving the Bottom Line with FieldNET Irrigation Technology

Sabrina Halvorson Irrigation

If you’re looking to save time and money in the new year, look to your irrigation system. According to Director of Ag Technology Sales for Lindsay, Tanner Oliphant, advancements in the FieldNET irrigation system can save growers both.

“If the pivot gets stuck in the middle of the night, they’re going to get a text message. Before, they may be driving around, spending a bunch of time, man-hours and diesel fuel driving around, checking irrigation machines where having monitor control and fielding that on those machines allows them to quickly get on their phone,” he said. “In the amount of time that it takes to make a pot of coffee in the morning, they can quickly get a snap overview of all their irrigation machines and the status of those, and then go about their day.”

Oliphant said the remote monitoring solution is unique.

“Under the FieldNET new UI user interface that’s coming out, it’s a sophisticated dashboard that allows growers to have tools at their fingertips to take control of precision irrigation management,” he said. “Water is one of the biggest yield-limiting factors that’s out there. So being able to remotely be able to change the speed of the machine, get an irrigation recommendation through FieldNET Advisor, and adjust their end guns, it’s all really compact and nice. It’s a very user-friendly, single sign-in platform.”

It all works hand-in-hand with FieldNET Advisor.

“What we’re doing is using AI and a lot of information in our system in the back end, but really making it very simple for the grower to simply put in their crop type that they’re planting, Oliphant said. “We can use artificial intelligence to look at the emergent state. And it really looks at a field-level view of where the full moisture status would be for that field. So, it takes account for rainfall or as applied irrigation data and allows it to provide a recommendation to the grower.”

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