ALB Promotes Lamb at Consumer, Influencer Events

Dan American Lamb Board (ALB), Economy, Sheep-Goats


The latest consumer research funded by the American Lamb Board (ALB) indicate a majority of consumers associate lamb with flavor, tenderness, freshness and quality, but only 33 percent of consumers agree that lamb is a nutritious meat choice. So, building awareness about lamb’s nutrition benefits and positioning lamb as part of a healthful diet and lifestyle is an opportunity to increase consumer utilization of American lamb.

Most recently, ALB’s nutrition education campaign added new strategies to foster a love for lamb with nutrition influencers and consumers through nutrition information delivered through a virtual consumer-facing workshop. That event, titled: How American Lamb Fits into a Healthful American Diet. The nutrition workshop educated consumers on the nutritional benefits of lamb and how to incorporate principles of culinary medicine into eating patterns.


Also last month, in order to educate influential health professionals on how American lamb is raised and how farmers and ranchers care for the land, ALB hosted six leading health professionals, five registered dietitians and one physician for the inaugural Stewards of the Land ranch tour in Tomales, Calif. Those attending learned first-hand from American lamb ranchers about how sheep are used to improve the quality of the land they graze by cycling nutrients back into the soil, minimizing erosion and encouraging native plant growth, all while helping to build healthy ecosystems.

ALB notes health professionals are critical information gatekeepers for consumers, especially when it comes to food.