Sunbelt Expo: GCC Rooting for Bart Davis at Farmer of Year Luncheon

Clint Thompson Georgia Cotton Commission (GCC)

Photo courtesy of Sunbelt Expo/Shows Bart Davis

By Clint Thompson

The Georgia Cotton Commission (GCC) is rooting for one of its own during the Sunbelt Expo’s Southeastern Farmer of the Year luncheon on Tuesday, Oct. 17, in Moultrie, Georgia.

Bart Davis, from Doerun, Georgia, is one of 10 farmers competing for the prestigious honor, which will be awarded on the first day of the three-day event next week.

Taylor Sills

It is not uncommon for the Georgia Cotton Commission to have a vested interest in the farmer of the year luncheon, according to Taylor Sills, executive director of the Georgia Cotton Commission.

 “We’re rooting for Bart in that competition, just like we have the last couple of years where we’ve had cotton producers. Last year we had Scotty Raines from Turner County and a couple of years ago, Lee Nunn from Morgan County; all big cotton producers and heavily invested in the industry and friends of ours,” Sills said. “We just wish everybody well. It’s always such a great group of farmers from across the Southeast.”

Davis produces 2,539 acres of irrigated cotton yielding 1,325 pounds per acre; and 434 acres of dry cotton yielding 1,215 pounds per acre.