A Pilot to Improve Ag Workforce

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A new USDA pilot program has grant funding now available for ag employees needing resources to address various farm labor and workforce challenges. Rod Bain has more in today’s This Land of Ours report.

When strawberries are harvested, the pickers are paid by the box, so they run with their filled boxes to ensure they can pick as many as possible and earn enough money during harvest season. Be thankful for those who get food to our tables.
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The Ag sector in recent years has faced several challenges regarding its workforce.

“How to add Employer Support and create a safe and healthy work environment. How do we think about supporting employers and employees, so they have a stronger level of commitment to this positive work environment? The resiliency of our food supply chains. How we need to address ag labor and employment law challenges, instability, and workers compensation, how we need to strengthen protections for farm workers, and how we need to expand legal pathways for labor migration.”

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According to USDA Farm Production and Conservation Deputy Undersecretary Gloria Montejo Greene, USDA’s latest effort to address some of these issues is a new pilot program: The Larm Labor Stabilization and Protection Pilot. Up to $65 billion in grants are available to domestic ag employers meeting federal employment criteria with grant applications sue November 28. More details are available online at www.ams.usda.gov/FLSP.

Ron Bain reporting for the US Department of Agriculture in Washington, DC

A Pilot to Improve Ag Workforce