AgNet Weekly: Tomato Suspension Agreement Pt 1

Sabrina Halvorson AgNet Weekly

Should the U.S. terminate the tomato suspension agreement with Mexico? This agreement is intended to keep Mexico from flooding the U.S. market with underpriced tomatoes, however, some industry leaders say it’s not working, and the agreement needs to be terminated so Mexico can be held accountable. Others worry that terminating the agreement and making Mexico pay duties or fines for these tomatoes will lead to that nation sending us less product. They are against terminating the agreement. Host Sabrina Halvorson talked with leaders on both sides of the issue and will have both interviews for you in this two-part series.

Next week, we’ll hear from Michael Schadler with the Florida Tomato Exchange, who will explain Mexico’s tomato dumping and the effects on U.S. growers.

But this week, we’ll start with the interview Sabrina did first, which is with Lance Jungmeyer, President of the Fresh Produce Association of the Americas. The organization is against terminating the agreement. The association and its members help to ensure North America’s uninterrupted access to Mexican-grown fruits and vegetables.

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December 2, 2023 – Jaime Castaneda on the USMCA Dairy Dispute AgNet Weekly with Sabrina Halvorson

U.S. dairy organizations along with elected officials, U.S. trade officials, and ag leaders are expressing disappointment over the recent decision by the USMCA dispute panel in the challenge against Canada’s dairy trade quotas. The U.S. charged that the quotas don’t line up with the U.S.-Mexico-Canada trade agreement (USMCA). Last year, a USMCA panel ruled with the U.S. However, Executive Vice President for Policy Development and Strategy for the National Milk Producers Federation and the U.S. Dairy Export Council Jaime Castaneda says that case didn’t solve the problem. Another challenge was filed this year and the decision came on November 24 in Canada’s favor. Castaneda joins host Sabrina Halvorson this week to discuss the dairy dispute.
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