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GCC Encourages Road Safety Amid Harvest Season

Clint Thompson Georgia

GCC Georgia Cotton Commission
Michael Rivera, CC BY-SA 4.0
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By Clint Thompson

Cotton harvests are well underway across the Southeast. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture National Agricultural Statistics Service, 2% of Georgia’s crop had been harvested, as of Monday, Sept. 25.

Taylor Sills

The Georgia Cotton Commission (GCC) reminds civilians to be careful when traveling on the roads this time of year. Cotton harvesters and other equipment will be in transit for the next couple of months, says Taylor Sills, executive director of the GCC.

“It’s just important that civilians and consumers out there realize that they’re going to be sharing the roads with these cotton pickers and other pieces of farm equipment during this time. Give them a little space, and be patient with them,” Sills said. “Most of all, give them a little grace. They’re out here doing their important tasks to help feed and clothe our communities and our world. They can wait five minutes to go somewhere down the highway. Give our producers a little extra space, because it’s not quite as easy to turn that cotton picker around and turn it around in general as it is for your personal vehicle.”