U. S. Peanut Federation Watching Washington for Growers

Dan Exports/Imports, Peanuts, Trade

Peanut Federation

The peanut industry looks to the U. S. Peanut Federation to keep an eye on things going on in Washington. Although producers are unable to be there, but, Tyron Spearman explains, there is a representative representing growers, buying points, and shellers, by the U. S. Peanut Federation.

Tyron lets us know a couple things being watched. First is the H2A increase, which is increasing labor cost for next year. Another area being watched is the Off Target. It is targeting commodity groups and promotion boards. This is better known as “Check-Off”.

Another one being watched is the Coalition to Promote Agriculture Exports. Several programs are being proposed for this coming year. Tyron explains these programs.