Heifers and Heifer Calves on Feed

Dan Beef, Cattle


Last week, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) released their monthly Cattle on Feed Report, which showed the number on feed as of April 1st was 11.6 million head. That is four percent below April 1, 2022.

But looking at more numbers from that report, USDA livestock analyst Shayle Shagam discusses how many heifers and heifer calves were on feed as of the first of April.

Heifers and Heifer Calves on Feed

The April 1st inventory also included 7.12 million steers and steer calves, down 6 percent from the previous year. That group accounted for 61 percent of the total inventory.

Placements in feedlots during March totaled 1.99 million head, 1 percent below 2022, while marketing’s of fed cattle during March was 1.98 million head, also 1 percent below 2022.