Lamb Board Releases Final Video in Lamb Quality Series

Dan American Lamb Board (ALB), Sheep-Goats

american lamb board

The American Lamb Board (ALB) released the final video in its five-part series emphasizing lamb quality. The final video’s title is “Retail Meat Yield.” The overall goal of the video series is to help the U.S. lamb industry provide a consistently high-quality product for Americans’ dinner plates.

“By emphasizing lean meat growth in U.S. sheep, we can make lambs with more muscle and less fat and improved yield and value,” says Peter Camino, ALB Chair. “That increases our commercial lamb industry competitiveness with imported lamb and other animal protein sources.”


He also said it’s in the best interest of progressive sheep producers to produce a protein product that consistently meets consumers’ expectations and delights their taste buds.”

Trim, muscular lambs harvested at the appropriate time return more value for the entire U.S. sheep and lamb industry.

“Retail Meat Yield” is available at or on the ALB YouTube channel.