Combine Sales in the U. S. Grow, Ag Tractors Sales Near Average

Dan Agri-Business, Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM), Economy


According to new data from the Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM), overall U.S. ag tractor unit sales in February stayed near their five-year average, but combine harvesters continued triple-digit growth.

The latest data shows overall U.S. ag tractor unit sales fell in February, and that was despite gains in the 100-plus horsepower and four-wheel-drive segments, up 2.7 and 55 percent respectively. Overall tractor sales fell 19.4 percent versus February 2022 and are down 17.2 percent year-to-date.


But, combine sales saw another strong month, rising 165 percent year-over-year in February.

AEM’s Curt Blades says, “On the tractor side, most of those losses are the result of overly hot sales of small units during the pandemic.”

The full report can be read here, and on the AEM website.