Mad Cow Disease Found in Brazil

Dan Cattle

Image by Fabiana pfernandes from Pixabay

Brazil’s agriculture and livestock ministry says beef exports to China are temporarily on hold after a case of mad cow disease was confirmed in one of the northern states called Para.

Reuters says the suspension is part of an animal health agreement made between the two countries and likely won’t last long. However, it is a hit to the bottom line for the country’s farmers as China is the top destination for Brazil’s beef exports.


Minister Carlos Favaro says, “All measures are being taken immediately at each stage of the investigation, and the matter is being handled with total transparency to guarantee Brazilian and global consumers the recognized quality of our meat.”

The ag ministry also says, “The symptomology indicates that it is the atypical form of the disease, which appears spontaneously in nature, causing no risk of dissemination to the herd and human beings.” Para’s agricultural defense agency confirmed the disease case.  

(From the National Association of Farm Broadcasters)