New Appointments Named To The Cotton Board

Dan Cotton, The Cotton Board

The Cotton Board

New appointments have been named to serve on The Cotton Board by Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack. Eighteen members, eighteen alternate members, and one advisor was named to serve three-year terms that will end December 31, 2025.

Newly appointed members:Nick McMichen, Producer – AL; Albert Riley James, Producer – MO; Avinash Bhaskar, Importer; Patricia Lesser, Importer; John R. Rosman, Importer; and Barbara Buhr, Importer.

Newly appointed alternate members: Lamont Bridgeforth, Producer – AL; David C. Light, Producer – KS; Chad Fullerton, Producer – MO; Julieanna Ogle, Producer – TN; Pat Perry Werneiwski, Importer; Bryan Landreth, Importer; Kim Shewalter, Importer; and Jim Atkinson, Importer.

Reappointed members: David. J. DeFelix, Producer – FL: Jimmy Webb, Producer – GA; Suzanne R. Drouhard, Producer – KS; Alisa Ogden, Producer – NM; Mark Nichols, Producer – OK; Rusty Darby, Producer – SC; Alex Armour, Producer – TN; Matt Farmer, Producer – TX; Shelly S. Butler Barlow, Producer – VA; Laurie Rando, Importer; Joe Don Long, Importer; and Emily Gigot, Importer.


Reappointed alternate members: Alan J. Edwards, Producer – FL; Benjamin Grimsley, Producer – GA; Nathan Jurva, Producer – NM; Kathy Fowler, Producer – OK; Frank Rogers, Producer – SC; R. N. Hopper, Producer – TX; J. W. Jones, Jr., Producer – VA; Kirk Smithwick, Importer; Jay Self, Importer; and Jennifer Pisula, Importer.

Newly appointed advisor: Karla Magruder – NY.

In addition, USDA issued the following appointments to fill board vacancies.

Newly appointed alternate members: Chase Schuchard, Producer – TX (term ending Dec. 31, 2024); Svitlana Linska, Importer (term ending Dec. 31, 2023); Dhruv Agarwal, Importer (term ending December 31, 2023); and Steven J. Bohman, Importer (term ending Dec. 31, 2024).

For those interested in serving on The Cotton Board, visit their website to get more information on the appointment process, the time commitment of serving, the board standards, and the organizations responsible for nominations.