alabama cotton crop

2022 Alabama Cotton Crop Better Than Expected

Clint Thompson Alabama

Photo courtesy of shutterstock: Shows harvested cotton.

By Will Jordan

Alabama cotton producers benefited from favorable late-season weather conditions in 2022. It led to a high-quality crop yield, according to Steve Brown, Alabama Extension cotton agronomist at Auburn University. Brown summed up 2022’s crop yield as, “better than expected.”

alabama cotton crop
Assistant Professor/extension Specialist Crop, Soil and Environmental Sciences
Steve Brown

“Fiber quality was extremely good, especially in terms of color because of the weather in mid-September,” Brown said, “We picked some bright white cotton, and all of that was welcome on the farm.”

There were between 400,000 and 440,000 acres planted in Alabama with an average of 938 pounds yielded per acre.

Producers are now gearing up for a new year with planting season just around the corner. Projecting what growers will produce in 2023 is difficult to forecast. It depends so much on more than just the cotton crop.

“Predictions are hard to make for 2023 acres in terms of cotton and even other crops,” said Brown. “Futures prices will have some effect on which crop acres [will] go to.”

A few key concerns on the horizon are pesticide resistance to both weeds and insects.

Producers also need higher cotton prices to offset the lingering concern of input expenses.