Lamb Board Releases New Strategic Plan

Dan American Lamb Board (ALB), Sheep-Goats

Lamb Board
Young baby spring lambs and sheep in a green farm field
american lamb board

The American Lamb Board (ALB) released its fiscal year 2022 Annual Report to inform Mandatory Lamb Checkoff stakeholders of its work to mitigate outside forces and challenges and take advantage of opportunities ahead.

“Even though many challenges were out of our control, it’s critical that we keep driving forward as hard as we can to promote American lamb and the U.S. sheep industry,” says ALB chair Peter Camino.


ALB has also identified three primary goals as it turns to FY 2023. The first is to continue to grow consumer demand for American lamb. The second is to prioritize research and education efforts to improve product quality and consistency, increase productivity, and grow the year-round supply of lamb. The board also wants to expand the awareness, understanding, engagement, and involvement of stakeholders in the American Lamb Checkoff.

“As the American lamb industry looks to the future, there are several areas of opportunity,” Camino says.

(From the National Association of Farm Broadcasters)