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Baby Formula Imports Face Tariffs Again in 2023

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Baby formula importers face changes again this year. That’s coming up on This Land of Ours.

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Baby formula imports into the U.S. will be subject to tariffs again this year as the exemptions implemented during a nationwide shortage are scheduled to expire.

Reuters says the shortage began during supply chain issues brought on by COVID, and those issues began to get worse in February of 2022. During that month, the biggest U.S. supplier recalled some products and closed a manufacturing plant after reporting bacterial infections.


Responding to the crisis, American health regulators relaxed import policies, and President Biden invoked the Cold War-era Defense Production Act to rebuild lagging supplies. Congress made the tariff waivers temporary as part of a deal to pass the measure quickly.

Last August, Walmart and Target Corporation, two of the nation’s biggest retailers, said supplies of baby formula were improving. The maker of the biggest brand in the market, Enfamil, says formula shortages will likely persist until spring.

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Baby Formula Imports Face Tariffs Again in 2023

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