Miller, Moon Presented 2022 King Cotton Awards

Clint Thompson Georgia Cotton Commission


The Georgia Cotton Commission sponsored the King Cotton Awards which recognize outstanding contributions of county agents to Georgia’s cotton producers. The Senior Award honors agents with 10 or more years of experience. The Junior Award, named the Allen B. Fulford Award, honors the accomplishments and memory of Allen B. Fulford, who served as a county Extension agent and state cotton agronomist. This award credits those with less than 10 years of service.

The awards were presented at the 2022 Georgia Association of County Agricultural Agents Annual Meeting & Professional Improvement Conference in November. 

Award Winners

The 2022 Senior King Cotton Award recipient is Jennifer Miller of Jeff Davis County, where she serves as the Agriculture & Natural Resources (ANR) agent. 

Jennifer Miller

Miller has participated in the Statewide On-Farm Variety trials for 11 years, a statewide project managed by county agents and Camp Hand, University of Georgia (UGA) cotton agronomist. She has conducted trials throughout her career that have focused on irrigation and late-season cotton management. She was also awarded the Allen B. Fulford Award in 2017.

This year’s Allen B. Fulford Award winner is Cole Moon, who serves as the county Extension coordinator and ANR agent for Bleckley and Twiggs County. He has worked for Extension since 2018. In addition to coordinating producer education programs regarding agronomics and defoliation, Moon conducts county research on cotton. The priorities for the local research are made in collaboration with local growers. Recent trials have focused on topics such as plant population, variety selection, cotton leafroll dwarf virus and foliar potassium applications.

The Georgia Cotton Commission is a producer-funded organization located in Perry, Georgia. The Commission began in 1965. Georgia cotton producers pay an assessment enabling the Commission to invest in programs of research, promotion, and education on behalf of all cotton producers of Georgia. For more information about the Georgia Cotton Commission please call (478) 988-4235 or on the web at