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Puerto Rico Farmers Assessing Damage from Fiona

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Puerto Rico
This satellite image shows Hurricane Fiona in the Caribbean on Sunday.
Courtesy of NOAA/AP

As residents and farmers here brace for Ian, farmers in Puerto Rico are still assessing the damage caused by Hurricane Fiona. Reports say ninety percent of the major crops grown in the region are destroyed. Fiona hit the island as a Category 1 hurricane nine days ago.

The Washington Post reports there is a glimmer of good news. Some of the plants that were knocked down were bent and still have fruit on them, which may be harvested and taken to market. However, the farmers will need to have the right equipment to clear a path to the fields, harvest the fruit, and get it to the buyers.


Puerto Rico imports the majority of its food, however, a report by the University of Illinois points out that agriculture is important to the island’s culture. The primary crops grown on the island include rice, sugar cane, coffee, and corn. 

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Puerto Rico Farmers Assessing Damage from Fiona

Sabrina Halvorson
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