International Visit: GCC Part of Pakistani Textile Manufacturers Tour in Georgia

Clint Thompson Georgia Cotton Commission (GCC)

Photo courtesy of Georgia Cotton Commission: Shows group photo during Pakistani Textile Manufacturers Tour.

By Clint Thompson

The Georgia Cotton Commission (GCC) had a chance on July 24 to help highlight Georgia’s cotton industry to international visitors. Taylor Sills, executive director of the GCC, talked about this opportunity to promote one of Georgia’s top row crops.


“(Recently) we had a group of Pakistani mill buyers come through the state of Georgia as part of a special trade mission on behalf of Cotton Council International, which is the cotton industry’s international promotion group. They’re doing a nationwide tour, but they chose Georgia. They could have gone to any part of the Southeast they wanted to, but they chose Georgia because of the quality of our production, our high level of sustainability that we’ve been talking about for two years now with regards to U.S. Cotton Trust Protocol and the logistical advantages that the Port of Savannah and Georgia Port Authority offer our state,” Sills said.

“We have other tours coming up with different retail and government groups. This is an exciting time to be in cotton production in the cotton industry here in Georgia just because of all the advantages we have here. That speaks really highly to the quality of cotton that our high-quality growers produce here in this state. We’re very excited about that. Despite all of the other challenges our industry faces, there are some shining spots.”

The event was coordinated by Cotton Council International (CCI) and the National Cotton Council (NCC).

Pakistan is one of the largest markets of cotton consumption.