Drivers Across the U.S. Reach 30 Billion Miles on E15 Fuel

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A sector of the clean fuel industry is celebrating a milestone. That’s today’s This Land of Ours.


The biofuel association Growth Energy this week announced that drivers around the nation have logged 30 billion miles on the road using E15. Growth Energy CEO Emily Skor calls it a testament to the rising popularity of E15.

The ethanol blend is made primarily from U.S. grown corn and cuts climate emissions by 46 percent compared to fuel from oil. It’s also less expensive than gasoline.

Skor says just the last few months, E15 has been a shield against skyrocketing fuel prices, saving drivers almost $0.60 per gallon in some areas. The fuel is available at more than 2,600 gas stations across 31 states, and is approved for more than?96 percent of light-duty vehicles, which account for 98 percent of all vehicle miles traveled in the United States.


Even before the recent run-up in oil prices, it was estimated that nationwide access to E15 could save drivers?$12.2 billion annually?in fuel costs. E15 also offers a lower fuel volatility and lower smog-forming potential than standard blends.

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Drivers Across the U.S. Reach 30 Billion Miles on E15 Fuel

Sabrina Halvorson
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