Senator Boozman Discusses Farm Bill

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Legislators are turning their focus to preparing the next farm bill. Senate Agriculture Committee Ranking Member John Boozman (R-AR) says the farm bill is important because agriculture is important.

“One of the problems that we got with agriculture is the fact that very few people are directly, or even indirectly, related to the farm,” he said. “It’s very different than it was a few decades ago or so. Although, the other part of that is even though there’s not the knowledge of farming and agriculture by the general population it is truly so important to all of our states.”

Boozman will host the next farm bill hearing in his home state of Arkansas later this month.

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Sabrina Halvorson
National Correspondent / AgNet Media, Inc.

Sabrina Halvorson is an award-winning journalist, broadcaster, and public speaker who specializes in agriculture. She primarily reports on legislative issues and hosts The AgNet Weekly podcast. Sabrina is a native of California’s agriculture-rich Central Valley.