Alabama Cattlemen Welcome Back Summer Grilling

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summer grilling

Through various promotional efforts, the Alabama Cattlemen’s Association (ACA) is saying welcome back to summer grilling. Through the Beef Checkoff program, they are noting that beef’s versatility makes it the easy choice for consumer’s next get-together. From steaks to hamburgers, tacos to hotdogs, beef can create a spread that everyone will enjoy.

Part of the summertime beef promotion is making sure your grill is ready and safe for cooking. They are also providing tips on how to keep your food safe during an outdoor event.

The Beef It’s What’s For Dinner website has an entire collection of recipes, especially for everyone’s favorite grill item, burgers. But, if you are looking for something other than burgers to fix on the grill, there are various options, including colorful kabobs.


So, no matter what your grilling season may look like this summer, be sure to add beef to the menu. For more information, visit Beef It’s What’s For Dinner, or go to the ACA website.

To learn more about Beef Checkoff promotions across Alabama this summer, contact the ACA office in Montgomery at 334-265-1867.

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