GCC, UGA Advise Cotton Producers About Irrigation Use

Clint Thompson Georgia Cotton Commission (GCC)

By Clint Thompson

The Georgia Cotton Commission (GCC) and University of Georgia Extension advise cotton producers with access to irrigation to keep their young crop irrigated amid the current dry conditions.


Wes Porter, University of Georgia Cooperative Extension precision agriculture and irrigation specialist, discusses the importance of growers utilizing this important resource.

“We obviously have a big opportunity to use that tool to get that crop up. On irrigated ground, if possible, where you haven’t seen any rainfall in a few weeks, you might want to put out about a half-inch or so with the system the day before you plant,” Porter said.

Wes Porter

“That’ll be a good amount that you’re not so wet you can’t plant into it good. But it’s just enough it’s going to get some moisture down to three-quarters to an inch deep where we normally would put that seed. If you feel like we need to put another shot on it a day or two after planting, by all means go back and do that. That’s if we don’t have any rainfall in the near future. That’ll help get that crop up.”

Abnormally dry and moderately dry conditions are concentrated across the southeastern region of the state, according to the U.S. Drought Monitor. Temperatures in Tifton, Georgia, were in the mid-90s last week, according to weather.com.