GCC, UGA Remind Growers ‘One Plant Per Foot, Evenly Spaced’

Clint Thompson Georgia Cotton Commission (GCC)

By Clint Thompson

It will soon be planting season for Georgia’s cotton growers.

Camp Hand

The Georgia Cotton Commission (GCC) and University of Georgia Extension caution producers that reduced seeding rates may not be the best plan of action for all growers.

UGA Extension cotton agronomist Camp Hand reminds farmers what the end result should look like.

“Some people are talking reduced seeding rates this year. I think that in some situations we can do that. But the past two years have been pretty good for us in terms of stand establishment. We don’t need to get lost in that because we can still struggle in some cases,” Hand said.

“It’s the same argument of you don’t want to make two trips over a field when you could have prevented one of them. Putting something out there that you’re comfortable with, you need to end up with one plant per foot fairly evenly spaced. You can maximize yield with that. Whatever seeding rate you’re going to use needs to equate to that at the end of the day.”