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Peanut Industry Leaders: Tips for Producers Ahead of Planting Season

Clint Thompson Alabama, Florida, Peanuts

Crop Planting Report
Image credit: South Georgia Farming

By Clint Thompson

Soon it will be planting season for peanut growers in the Southeast. Industry leaders are ready to provide last-minute tips for farmers preparing to plant their crop.

Ken Barton

Ken Barton, executive director of the Florida Peanut Producers Association, reminds producers about the importance of not planting their crop too early.

“One of the things I would recommend to our growers is to be sure and watch that soil temperature as we move into planting season. Let’s don’t jump the gun. We want to get those seed in soil in temperatures that’s conducive to good germination and early emergence to a plant stand,” Barton said. “That’s extremely important that we get a good stand. I would encourage farmers to watch that soil temperature, go by their Extension recommendations on soil temperature at the four-inch level and let’s not get started too early in this cool soil.”

Plan Ahead

Jacob Davis, executive director of the Alabama Peanut Producers Association, implores his producers to plan ahead and prepare to do everything they can to ensure profitability amid high input costs.

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Jacob Davis

“Going into this year and making these planting decisions, it’s going to be tough,” Davis said. “They’ve got to make sure that they can ensure profitability through whatever they plan. The biggest input cost this year or likely to be is fertilizer. Peanuts have an advantage because we don’t require nitrogen. Looking at what’s going on, you’re not seeing very good contract prices. (That’s) from what I’ve been rumored to hear from some of the farmers I’ve talked with. The contract prices are not enough to make up the difference in input costs they’re going to be seeing.

“It’s going to be a tough year for them to make decisions to maintain profitability on the farm. That’s my thing is (for them) to really sharpen your pencil and look at, given the current situation and what’s being offered through what the markets are determining for those publicly-trade commodities, if they plant them, look at what they can do to maintain profitability.”