National Ag Day

Celebrate National Agriculture Day on March 22

Dan Agri-Business, Education

Image by David Mark from Pixabay
National Ag Day

Tuesday, March 22 is National Agriculture Day, a time when producers, agricultural associations, corporations, universities, government agencies and many others across the country take time to recognize and celebrate the abundance provided by American agriculture.

While various events will take place across the county, one big event being held in Washington D.C. is “Celebration of Modern Agriculture on the National Mall”.

Many exhibits will be on hand Monday, March 21 & Tuesday, March 22, on the National Mall near the Smithsonian Metro. The event will showcase the latest in equipment technology, bio-products, in-field conservation practices, chemistry, plant genetics and data analytics.

The purpose of the event is to show how far we have come in agriculture, and to discuss how to get where we need to go. The technologies on display will show how modern agriculture is capable of producing more food for more people while using less land and fewer resources.

Click here to learn more about the activities planned for the Celebration of Modern Agriculture.