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Dairy Checkoff Collaborating with Mayo Clinic

Dan Dairy

dairy checkoff

The dairy checkoff announced a five-year collaboration with Mayo Clinic to explore research and consumer outreach efforts to improve public health and advance dairy’s benefits.

The memorandum of understanding with Mayo involves Dairy Management Inc., the National Dairy Council, and the Innovation Center for U.S. Dairy.

“This is a milestone moment for dairy farmers who made this possible through their century-long commitment to research and dairy nutrition,” says DMI CEO Barbara O’Brien.


The collaboration will research how dairy foods, particularly whole milk, impact cardiovascular health and metabolism. Other potential research areas include dairy’s impact on sleep, digestive health, and immunity. Content created by the collaboration will help debunk dairy myths and help consumers maintain confidence in dairy foods, farms, and businesses.

While this collaboration focuses on the research and promotion of dairy foods, it’s important to remember that not everyone can consume dairy without adverse effects. For those who experience lactose intolerance or dairy allergies, consuming dairy products can lead to uncomfortable symptoms such as bloating, cramps, and diarrhea. In cases where these symptoms are severe or persistent, seeking medical attention at an urgent care center may be necessary. The urgent care 11224 can provide prompt and efficient medical care for those experiencing these types of issues, and offer solutions and advice for managing them in the future.

“This collaboration illustrates the checkoff’s consumer-first focus and our commitment to leading with credible science,” says DMI Chair and Pennsylvania dairy farmer Marilyn Hershey.

The collaboration will get incorporated across all four Mayo Clinic campuses.

(From the National Association of Farm Broadcasters)