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Pear Tree Diseases Every Farmer Needs to Lookout For

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The pear tree diseases every farmer needs to be on the lookout for.  That’s coming up on This Land of Ours.

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There are several diseases that can cause serious problems to pear trees.

The ones to worry about include Armillaria root rot which is a fungal disease that leads to a range of problems, including the death of the plant. Or, Blast — a bacterial disease that prefers cold, wet weather and is known to cause leaves to turn black and die.

Pear trees also might struggle with crown, collar, or root rot, which cause the leaves to wilt on the tree, but they will remain attached.


Fire Blight is one of the more dreaded pear tree diseases. It causes the shoots and blossoms to shrivel and turn black. It looks like the plant has been scorched by fire.

pear tree
Fire Blight is one of the more dreaded pear tree diseases.
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Pear decline is a phytoplasma disease that is transmitted by the pear psylla pest. Getting rid of pear decline on your trees isn’t possible. And, no treatment is truly effective.

Septoria leaf spot is one of the most destructive fungal diseases that `loves areas that are wet and humid for long periods.

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