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Problems that can Plague Your Fig Tree Crop

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The problems that can plague your fig tree crop.  That’s coming upon This Land of Ours. 

fig tree
Image by Jean-Louis SERVAIS from Pixabay

Growing figs are an absolute pleasure to grow.  But, like anything else on the farm, they are susceptible to problems.

Such as black or sour-smelling figs. This is caused by a bacteria or a few different yeasts. Insects usually spread these pathogens so the best way to fight it is to control the insects that spread it.

When fig trees are stressed, they will slow down or halt ripening. Lack of water is probably the most common stress-causing element. Figs in containers especially dry out quickly. If your fig tree is starved of nutrients, it will slow down or stop ripening.


Your tree may look healthy with plenty of foliage, but no fruit sets. It could be as simple as the age of the tree. You have to give your fig tree time to mature before it will produce fruit. Check the particular cultivar that you’re growing to know when to expect fruits.

This can also be caused by too much nitrogen. Use a balanced fertilizer when you feed your tree. Something with equal parts nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium is ideal.

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Problems that can Plague Your Fig Tree Crop