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One Company Revolutionizing Farming One Seedling at a Time

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How one company is revolutionizing farming one seedling at a time. That’s coming up on This Land of Ours.

A fresh food and urban agricultural company is gaining momentum growing fresh, local, pesticide-free produce year round.

You may have seen the Gotham Greens name brands on lettuces, herbs, salads and sauces. The company operates a handful of hydroponic greenhouse facilities around the United States. Including a former steel mill reimagined into a prospering and lush 100,000 square foot hydroponic greenhouse just outside of Baltimore.


Through a partnership with USDA, Gotham Greens was able to transform a portion of the site from steel to greens, building a sustainable greenhouse that utilizes machine learning and 100 percent renewable electricity. Its high-tech farming practices use 95 percent less water and 97 percent less land while achieving more than 35 times the yield of conventional open-field farming.

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One Company Revolutionizing Farming One Seedling at a Time

“We are a fresh food company farming with the future in mind. We build and operate sustainable greenhouses in cities across America, where we grow our year-round supply of local produce. Local cultivation and regional distribution help us deliver our products quickly after being harvested to ensure they are fresh tasting, nutritionally dense and long-lasting. Our farms are unconventional. But so is our commitment to taste, quality and sustainability.”