Edible Plant that Deserves a Comeback in Home Gardens

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An edible plant that deserves a comeback in home gardens. That’s coming up on This Land of Ours.

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Growing peppergrass is an excellent choice for new gardeners. All parts of this plant are edible, and it can withstand almost any condition. It has a unique, sharp, peppery flavor that can make fantastic dishes. You may have it growing on your property without even knowing it. It’s often treated as a weed because it grows and spreads rapidly, peppergrass deserves a (contained) spot in your garden.

Peppergrass is an annual plant that grows in a variety of climates, and it can be a biennial in warmer regions. It has an invasive nature, and you can find it in urban areas, such as vacant lots of roadsides. If there is disturbed ground, peppergrass can grow.


If you do try growing it yourself, your biggest challenge is keeping it under control. Container growing is best. All parts of the peppergrass plant are edible including the roots, though most people just harvest the leaves.

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Edible Plant that Deserves a Comeback in Home Gardens