Cutest Succulents You Should Add to Your Collection

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The cutest succulents you should add to your collection.  That’s coming up on This Land of Ours.

cutest succulents
Lithops julii ssp fulleri C62
Photo by cactusjohn on flickr

Succulents are fun to collect because of how unique each one is. But lithops, also called “living rocks,” are so distinct, they don’t look like plants at all. A group of them looks more like a collection of pebbles with interesting colors and patterns. They make fascinating houseplants if you give them the proper care. They’re a little more high-maintenance than your typical succulent or cactus. But once you know what lithops need, including how long to let them bask in the sun and how much water they require, you can grow your own “living rocks” and watch them thrive.


Most lithops are sold as grown plants, which are a bit easier to start with. However, if you’d like an added challenge, you can purchase a Lithops Seed Kit for about $10 online. Lithops take years to fully grow, so if you’re starting from seeds, patience is a virtue. Make sure they get several hours of sun or other light each day.

Lithops are native to southern Africa, where they handle drought and temperature extremes with ease. That means you don’t need to fuss over them as much as you might for other houseplants. Just be careful not to overwater.

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Cutest Succulents You Should Add to Your Collection