New Campaign Being Developed to Promote Alabama Agriculture

Dan Alabama, Cattle


We all know farmers work hard to produce healthy and sustainable products, while at the same time ensuring the next generation of their family has the resources needed to farm. But getting that message to consumers is quite a task. So an effort is underway in Alabama to do just that. Many agricultural groups in that state have come together to develop a campaign.

Southeast AgNet’s Randall Weiseman talked to three of the people helping put this effort together, starting with Alabama Cattlemen’s Association’s Kayla Greer. She explains what this new effort is all about.

Another co-chair of the Down To Earth promotion is Caleb Hicks with the Alabama Poultry and Egg Association. He told us these efforts have been underway for the past few months.

Debra Davis, with the Alabama Farmers Federation, has been credited as the person who got the ball rolling on all of this, and she explains why.