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Right Supplies for Safely Cutting Down Trees

Dan Forestry

Choosing the right supplies for safely cutting down trees.  That’s coming up on This Land of Ours.

right supplies
Image by hagenstaadt from Pixabay

Cutting down a tree takes planning and care or you risk harming yourself or damaging your property. But done right, you can beautify your property or stock up on fuel for the winter.

For starters, you’ll need different tools to take down different trees. For example, if you’re taking down a tree with a diameter smaller than your arm, you can just use a good axe. In contrast, you’ll want to use a chainsaw for trees that are thicker than that. Professional tree surgeons need to replace their chainsaw bars frequently to maintain a reliable cut and reduce risk of damage to the chainsaw.

Other supplies you’ll need to have on hand include: a Chainsaw, and chainsaw accessories such as fuel, a chain and maintenance tools. An axe, safety goggles, or a face shield. Thick trousers or chainsaw chaps. Safety boots, hard hat, felling wedges (if you’re taking down thick trees), and a splitting maul.


And, before the fun in cutting can begin preparation is key. This will make all the difference between success and something much, much worse.

On tomorrow’s program we will dig in to the prep work before the real work begins in cutting down trees safely.

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Right Supplies for Safely Cutting Down Trees