Florida State-Leaders on 2022 Legislative Session

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(NSF) — With no mention of the special session recently requested by Governor Ron DeSantis, Senate President Wilton Simpson offered general remarks on the upcoming regular session during an appearance before state business leaders on Wednesday.

Simpson spoke at the Florida Chamber of Commerce’s two-day Future of Florida Forum.

The Republican lawmaker, who is entering his final legislative session while also running for agriculture commissioner, joined other state leaders in promoting Florida as a pro-business alternative to other states, while suggesting the 2022 session that begins in January will continue Republican priorities.

Florida State-Leaders on 2022 Legislative Session

 “For Florida to stay strong in the future, it is going to be doing more of the same things that we have done for the last decade. That’s low taxes, low regulation, infrastructure, education and getting out of the way of entrepreneurs.”

Earlier in the day, Chief Financial Officer Jimmy Patronis said his office is working to advance proposals that will incentivize homeowners to harden their homes from hurricanes as a step to help lower insurance costs.

Recently, Chairman of the House Appropriations Committee, Jay Trumbull, said Florida’s budget projections for the next fiscal year continue to be “in really good shape”.

The 2022 Florida Legislative Session begins January 11th.

(From The News Service of Florida)