John Deere Cotton Harvester: More Comfort, Increased Efficiency

Clint Thompson Alabama, Cotton, Florida, Georgia

Photo by Clint Thompson/Shows the John Deere Next Generation CP770 Cotton Harvester in action at the Sunbelt Ag Expo.

By Clint Thompson

John Deere’s Next Generation CP770 Cotton Harvester was on display and demonstrated its effectiveness at the Sunbelt Ag Expo last week in Moultrie, Georgia.

Christopher Murray, product manager, global cotton harvesting at John Deere, discussed the various components that make this cotton picker a one of a kind.

“We have new high speed row units; new cab full of integrated technology and also bigger, much more comfortable; new round modules so customers can make a larger diameter module, which we can put more cotton in it. So, we reduce wrap costs by up to 8%, same as hauling costs to the gin. Then new engine and powertrain, so we’re up to 20% more fuel efficient than the previous cotton harvesters that we’ve produced,” Murray said.

“Those row units are 5% faster. We can cover more ground during the day and protect that cotton quality. We can get it out of the field so it doesn’t get rained on. On the front of the row units, we have high speed stock lifters. It’s gentler on the crop and reduces crop loss that you’re harvesting. Reducing crop loss means more revenue. Protecting that cotton quality means that you’re protecting your paycheck at the end. The cab is 30% bigger. It’s much more comfortable, but also we have the Gen4 4600 integrated display. That’s the latest technology from John Deere. Every 30 seconds it’s talking to the John Deere operations center, sending valuable data.”

The harvester allows cotton producers to be more efficient with their crop which is much needed since input costs are rising and input availability can be scarce during the current supply chain crisis.

“Along with the sustainability side of things, we’ve worked hard in partnering with the U.S. Cotton Trust Protocol. That data that we’re pulling off that machine in the John Deere operations center, we make it really easy to take that data, share it, feel out the forms for the U.S. Cotton Trust Protocol to prove that you have sustainably grown cotton,” Murray said.