GPC Continues Promoting Peanuts at Expo

Clint Thompson Georgia Peanut Commission (GPC)

By Clint Thompson

The Georgia Peanut Commission’s (GPC) promotion of the state’s peanut crop continued this week at the Sunbelt Ag Expo in Moultrie, Georgia. It provided executive director Don Koehler and his GPC staff the opportunity to share a few sandwiches and peanuts and educate attendees about the value and importance of one of Georgia’s top row crops.

“I’ve been at every Sunbelt Expo for 35 years for the peanut commission and I really, really missed losing last year. I’m so glad to be back and see people and be able to tell them how good peanuts are, how important peanuts are to our economy, all the things that we do,” Koehler said.

“I hate to use this as a warn out cliché, these are our people, these are Ag folks. You’d be surprised at the Ag people that don’t know about peanuts, that don’t really know they grow underground on a little vine. It gives us an opportunity to tell that story, even to our own folks.”