Stop By and Visit Country Financial at Sunbelt This Week

Clint Thompson Georgia

Photo by Clint Thompson/Country Financial agents at Sunbelt Ag Expo.

By Clint Thompson

Country’s Financial’s one-on-one approach makes it an effective ally for homeowners and farmers. Sunbelt Ag Expo attendees are encouraged to stop by the Country Financial booth this week in Moultrie, Georgia and talk with an agent to gauge their specific insurance or financial needs.

Dawn Cutchens, an insurance agent with Country Financial, discusses that personal approach that sets Country Financial apart.

“You’ll probably notice you don’t see a lot of Country Financial commercials on TV because we do work a little bit differently. We touch more on a personal basis,” Cutchens said. “We want to get to know our clients, get to know their families, get to know their business, get to know everything about them in order so we can keep a relationship with them and touch base with them annually to make sure we have everything covered as we should and that their family is taken care of as well.”

Why is Sunbelt Important?

Country Financial representatives are available at the Sunbelt Ag Expo, which concludes on Thursday.

“It’s just an opportunity to speak with farmers we do promote to. We started from a farm insurance company. It actually started when a couple of farmers got together to protect their farm and created Country Financial. This our grassroots area,” Cutchens said. “In the past couple of years we’ve had some major disasters and we’ve dealt a lot with home owners. The difference between the home owner and the farm owner is that your business and your home is one in the same. Not only are we covering how you make money, but we’re also covering the money that you’ve made.”

Country Financial doesn’t just sell to farmers, however. They also cater to home owners and car owners, as well as with life insurance and retirement needs.

“Of course, we come out here more to promote to farmers because we have a really good farm policy, but we cover all areas,” Cutchens said.

She also stressed the importance of annual reviews that Country Financial administers with its clients.

“That’s basically where we reach out to our clients just to find out if they’ve had any major life changes. For instance, they’ve bought more land. They’ve bought more tractors, they’ve purchased new homes, built a new home on their farm. All kinds of things can happen that can change your financial situation,” Cutchens said.