Positive Outlook for Real Christmas Trees in 2021

Dan Forestry, Specialty Crops


Christmas tree growers are overcoming logistical challenges of COVID-19 and a heatwave in the Pacific Northwest to provide enough trees for 2021 demand. After close evaluation and making tree-by-tree decisions, growers expect to supply the same overall number of real Christmas trees to the marketplace this season as they had planned before the crises hit.

With just about eight weeks to go until the real Christmas tree shopping season hits, industry experts are confident there will be a real Christmas tree for everyone who wants one this year.


Oregon-based Christmas tree producer Bob Schaefer says, “We didn’t run out of trees last year. Or in 2019. Or the year before that. In fact, we never have, and we don’t intend to this year.”

With the artificial market hit hard by supply-chain disruption this year, and the real Christmas tree market returned to optimism, it’s an especially relevant season for newcomers to natural trees.

(From the National Association of Farm Broadcasters)