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Merck Animal Health Announces WHISPER ON ARRIVAL

Dan Cattle

Merck Animal Health
Dr. Jason Nickell

Merck Animal Health and Allflex Livestock Intelligence announced earlier this month the release of WHISPER® ON ARRIVAL. This breakthrough technology is the only precision tool on the market today that predicts which animals will benefit from treatment for the control of Bovine Respiratory Disease (BRD).

Dr. Jason Nickell, manager of Professional Services for Allflex Livestock Intelligence, which is Merck Animal Health Intelligence’s livestock company, talked with Southeast AgNet’s Randall Weiseman about this new innovation.

Consisting of a new sound collection device and a predictive algorithm, WHISPER® ON ARRIVAL is another example of how smart technology is helping cattle operations. The technology was developed exclusively for feedlot and backgrounded cattle on arrival.

WHISPER® ON ARRIVAL is now available as a part of a limited rollout, with plans to expand availability in 2022. 

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