Groups Asking Stores to Pull Roundup from Shelves

Dan Environment

A coalition of consumer, health and environmental groups are calling on Lowe’s and Home Depot to remove Roundup from their store shelves. The groups claim consumers can’t wait, urging the stores to remove the products now.

Bayer last month announced long-term risk mitigation actions to prevent further litigation regarding Roundup. The plan calls for replacing its glyphosate-based products in the U.S. residential lawn and garden market with new formulations that rely on alternative active ingredients beginning in 2023. Bayer’s decision only applies to consumer markets, as the company will continue selling glyphosate-based formulas for agricultural and professional use.

Bayer also asked the Supreme Court to review the Ninth Circuit Hardeman decision this week. The Petition states that the Ninth Circuit’s lenient standard “has distorted [existing law] beyond recognition, and blurs the boundaries between science and speculation with a third category called ‘art,’ or unsupported intuitions purportedly rooted in clinical experience.”

(From the National Association of Farm Broadcasters)