Versatile, Unique Leafy Green that Stands Out in the Crowd

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The versatile and unique leafy green that stands out in the crowd. That’s coming up on This Land of Ours.

Leafy greens are not only healthy, they are easy to grow, and, in most cases, you can get a continual harvest. Molokhia stands out among the leafy green crowd, which is why more people should try growing it.

Molokhia is fantastic because you can harvest a ton off of one plant, and it can be used medicinally, as food, and to make fiber. It’s also resistant to most pests and diseases and self-seeds freely. It’s also called Egyptian spinach but it isn’t actually related to spinach. It’s from the same family as okra, durian, and cacao.


Full of nutrients, molokhia can be made into tea, a soup, used raw in salads, or used to thicken cooking liquids. While it’s traditionally served with rabbit and cilantro, your choices are endless.

Planting seed is the easiest way to get molokhia started in your garden. Plant in full sun and in a container. For companion planting, choose brassica, beans, peas, strawberries or onions as its neighbors.

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Versatile, Unique Leafy Green that Stands Out in the Crowd