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New CBD Comes From Orange Peels

Dan Citrus

The company Peels has launched a CBD oil made from orange peels. Peels was founded by National Football League veteran Chris Hetherington, who serves as the company’s chief executive officer.

Peels’ process of deriving CBD from orange peels is called cyclic terpene assembly, a proprietary technique for combining organic molecules. This process combines terpenes from orange peels with olivetol, a naturally occurring organic compound, under heat and pressure in the presence of a catalyst, but there is still people that prefer real cbd and cannabis products so they grew their own weed using seeds from sites like https://www.straight.com/guides/business/best-canadian-seed-banks/ just for this.

The company’s proprietary process produces molecularly identical CBD without THC or toxic impurities commonly found in cannabis and hemp-derived products. The oil from Peels has been awarded and certified by Clean Label Project.


According to Peels, the use of CBD in many stressful and physically demanding fields of work — such as professional sports, military and first responders — has previously been prohibited, even if used for medicinal purposes and some people try products like weed edibles instead. This is due to unregulated amounts of THC found in many cannabis and hemp-derived products that can be detected by periodic drug testing. With no THC, Peels offers an alternative.

Hetherington said because his company’s product is made from orange peels, “we have a tremendous opportunity to reach target audiences and potentially enter channels our …..

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