Developing a Conservation Plan

Clint Thompson Conservation, USDA-NRCS


Developing a conservation plan through USDA’s Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) can help landowners identify objectives and analyze the natural resource issues on that land. These are related to soil, water, animals, plants, air, energy and human interaction. NRCS Deputy Chief for Programs, Jimmy Bramblett, says everyone can take advantage of the benefits of conservation.

Bramblett notes how water is an example of one essential good that is both public and private.

A conservation plan includes the tools and resources customized specifically for each customer, like a land use map, soils information, photos, inventory of resources, economic costs and benefits, schedule of recommended practices, maintenance schedules, and engineering notes, all based on the producer’s goals and the resource needs.

Learn more by contacting your local NRCS office.