A Few Things to Know When Caring for, and Growing, Lavender

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Things you should know when caring for Lavender. That’s coming up on This Land of Ours.


Lavender fills the early-summer garden with sensory delights: beautiful purple-tone blooms atop foliage that emanates its fresh scent on a sunny afternoon.

Lavender oil with soap and flowers on white wooden table

Every part of the plant is infused with aromatic oil, making this a choice herb to place along pathways or near outdoor seating areas so you can experience the pleasant fragrance.

Though it is drought-, heat-, and wind-tolerant, lavender doesn’t like poor drainage, waterlogged soil, or high humidity. Raised beds can enhance drainage; surrounding plants with a gravel mulch can help increase heat around roots.


After flowering, shear plants back a few inches to encourage bushy new growth and another flush of blooms to develop. Avoid cutting plants back to the ground.

When its harvest time, gather blossoms when they have just opened. Use individual blooms fresh, discarding the little brown or green caps that hold them to the stems. Or, cut entire flower stems to dry for later use.

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A Few Things to Know When Caring for, and Growing, Lavender