UGA Tifton to Host Vaccine Clinic

Clint Thompson Coronavirus, Georgia

By Clint Thompson

The University of Georgia (UGA) Tifton campus is providing a free COVID-19 vaccination clinic this Friday, July 16 at the UGA Tifton Campus Conference Center.

Michael Toews

The event is open to all those interested in receiving the Moderna vaccine, which will be administered by pharmacists from the local Wal-Mart Marketplace. Any UGA and U.S. Department of Agriculture faculty, staff, students, family members and community members 18 and older are eligible to receive the vaccine, says UGA Tifton Assistant Dean Michael Toews.

“The data is really clear right now that COVID-19 infections are increasing, not just across the country but in South Georgia, in particular,” Toews said. “At this point this is a preventable disease. We need to do everything we can to minimize the disruptions we’ve seen over the past year.”

Participants in this clinic will receive free UGA T-shirts. There will also be giveaways for $100 Wal-Mart gift cards and two tickets to an upcoming UGA football game.

UGA Cooperative Extension and the UGA School of Pharmacy, in partnership with the local Wal-Mart Marketplace, are sponsoring the clinic. For more information, contact Teri Hughes at or 229-386-3338.