U.S. Peanut Acreage is Down Two Percent

Dan Peanuts, USDA-NASS


USDA’s National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS) released their 2021 planted acreage reports, and the numbers indicate planted area for peanuts is estimated at 1.63 million acres, down two percent from the 1.66 million acres last year. The area to be harvested, at 1.59 million acres, is down one percent from last year’s 1.61 million acres.

In Georgia, the largest peanut-producing state, planted acreage in 2021 is 830,000 acres, up two percent from the 810,000 acres last year.

In Alabama, peanut planted acreage is 180,000 acres, down from last year’s 185,000.


In Florida, peanut planted acreage is steady with last year at 175,000 acres.

As of June 20, sixty-nine percent of the acreage was rated in good to excellent condition, compared with 64 percent rated in these two categories at the same time last year.