Plants That Take a Lot of Heat and Still Bloom Through Dry Spells

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The plants that can take a lot of heat and still bloom through a dry spell. That’s coming up on This Land of Ours.


When summer heat kicks in, its good to know you can rely on a number of drought-resistant flowering plants to hold their own and still produce beautiful blooms and foliage.

Yarrow is one of them. The plant comes in a number of varieties with yellow, orange, red, pink, or white blooms and tolerates heat like a champ. It’s also a great cut flower.

Blanket Flower is a tough prairie plant that blooms all summer and into fall.


Bush Sage – with its Raspberry Red colored flowers is one of the toughest heat and drought-tolerant perrenials. And, it attracts hummingbirds.

There’s one drought-tolerant plant that has it all, and that’s Lavender. It looks beautiful and is as tough as nails (except in soggy soil). Enjoy the blue, lavender, purple, or white flowers in summer, and you can even pick some for drying and using in crafts.

Lamb’s Ears, Globe Thistle, and Purple Coneflower are other choices that are resilient and heat-tolerant in the summer.

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Plants That Take a Lot of Heat and Still Bloom Through Dry Spells