Teachers Sharing FFA, Ag Opportunities

Clint Thompson Education

For years, teachers across the country have advocated for their students regardless of their environment. Agriculture educators across the country are sharing the story of FFA and agriculture education in their states and communities this summer. More than 82 agricultural education teachers will continue to share the story as part of the National Teachers Ambassadors for FFA Program.

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This includes six teachers from the deep Southeast. Emily Hammet, Allison Heald and Jeff McKinney from Alabama, Shelby Ball from Florida, along with Pauline Benton and Nancy Sell from Georgia are taking part in the program.

The program, which began back in 2016, provides teachers with the tools to share information about FFA and agricultural education with their communities. Teachers selected for the program are receiving intensive virtual training to learn and collaborate on educational resources.

National FFA Organization chief program officer Christine White said, “Through this program, we equip teachers with the tools they need to be successful in not only developing future leaders but also in telling their stories.”

The ambassadors will present workshops and work with teachers from across the country to brainstorm and share ideas. The ambassadors will also serve as a voice of the organization to teachers across the country.