AEM Offers Insights on High Machinery Sales

Dan Economy

machinery sales

The Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM) says there are several factors driving the current machinery sales trends. In the first quarter of 2021, total farm tractor unit sales are up more than 50 percent in the U.S., and nearly 60 percent in Canada.

AEM’s Curt Blades says, “We’re operating in a very interesting market right now.” Over the last 12 months, there’s been a rise in under 40 horsepower, or small tractor sales. Blades says, “This is due largely to a lot of the industries that have done very well during the pandemic.”


Small tractors fall into that category as well as sales are spiking largely in suburbs with larger lots to help homeowners with improving the property. However, starting later in 2020, larger row-crop and articulated 4WD tractors have also enjoyed increasing sales success.

Blades adds, “Tractor sales are strong, commodity sales are particularly good, and optimism is at an all-time high in the farming community.”

(From the National Association of Farm Broadcasters)